I used to be a couch potato. No, really. There were butt prints on my couch. Actual butt prints. Actually, that’s not true. There was a butt print, because I always sat in the same place. Like Sheldon, I had the spot that didn’t have the glare, got the natural light from the window and the perfect angle on the TV.

Over the last 8 or 9 years my life changed drastically, and I no longer even own a couch, let alone one with butt prints. I have become a geek about movement partly because good movement feels so great, but mainly because all the little geeky movement things that I do allow me to have more fun living life. I used to think that I should “get in shape”, because it was “good for me”. Those are very true, but very vague sentiments that had no real connection to my life.

Ten years ago, I could have never imagined a scenario that actually occurred in 2017, one that took me far beyond my couch. I want to spend a few posts talking specifically about what I do and the experiences that opened up for me. (Besides, at the end of 2017, it’s an excuse for me to look back on one of the biggest highlights of the year for me.)

An Opportunity

In about February, a couple of friends of mine were discussing doing a bike tour in Europe. It took me about a half a day to agree to join them (or invite myself along… the details blur a bit). With the planning that quickly ensued, we soon realized that we had just three months to prepare for 7 days on the bike, including an Alps crossing.

And so training began.

People laugh at me sometimes for all the time that I spend on the floor, but sitting in different positions on the floor allows me to work on hip mobility while I do other things, like paperwork. Who has hours to stretch? This was a huge part of my training, because increased volume of time on the bike is hard on a hip problem that I have.
For training for the ride itself, there is only one thing to do: get on the bike and ride.
God bless my friends for still riding with me when I take breaks to do goofy things like this, but these posture breaks are good for opening up the hips and shoulders.
Trying to make myself do more and more hills, because I’m one of the worst downhillers I know. 
While I would love more bike trails, there are some pretty ones around here!
The answer is “no”, but this sticker is still my favorite!

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