I cannot stand it when people say, “I’m getting old” or “I just got to a certain age and started falling apart.” Yet, today, I am the one with the nagging aches and pains, and with a birthday later this month, I feel like I’m getting old… Except that none of my nagging problems are particularly age related. The bruised foot is due to landing hard on a rock while sprinting and wearing minimal shoes. The sore shoulder is definitely a problem from some ill-advised upper extremity plyometrics (explosive exercises with my arms). People who struggle with a proper push up should not be doing plyos with their arms! Just saying. The fact that my arms are chronically rotated in- like everyone else’s- does not help the whole situation.

Let’s talk about that shoulder thing for a second. It’s getting better, but it’s been a couple of days of pain if I reach forward to far or at the wrong angle. I’m going to say that my rotator cuff is not happy. The problem is not that I did a movement that I was “too old” to do, the problem is that I did a movement that I was too weak to do and didn’t build up to it enough. And that I started with my shoulders in a less than ideal position and definitely was not paying attention to form throughout the exercise.

All of this to say that I don’t have it all figured out, either. Sometimes I figure out bad ideas by doing the wrong thing and paying the consequences. I can tell you right now that I want to do a little better job with my shoulders! This month, I’ll try to do some things to see if I can help my shoulder out, and hopefully post about whatever I might find that’s helpful.

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